Up & Down Beats

Up & Down Beats is a Helsinki, Finland based drum school

Christian Schäfer
+358 (0)50 438 6778

Up & Down Beats
c/o Christian Schäfer
Selkämerenkatu 12 D 67
FI-001800 Helsinki

Lessons are held at Musahotelli, Mäkelänkatu 52 B.


Teacher background

My name is Christian Schäfer, I’m a musician and a drum teacher. I’ve studied music and drums at the Los Angeles Music Academy and Modern Music School in Germany. I’ve been taught by Ralph Humphrey, Joe Porcaro, Tony Inzalaco, Mike Shapiro and many more great drummers, who inspired me to become a teacher.

Seeing the student develop and grow as a musician and drummer gives me the biggest gratification.

Teaching philosophy

Drum School Up & Down Beats offers private lessons with full concentration on the individual student. Classes are planned in co-operation with the student to meet with their desires and wishes, from hobby playing to professional intentions.

The school has a modern approach to teaching with its own curriculum, which is based on three different levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Beginners work with basic rhythms, different hand and foot techniques, play alongs and note reading, while the more intermediate and advanced students will also work on song interpretation, groove(s) and different music genres.

Playing drums is fun. Learning an instrument will encourage and develop – among other things – your self-confidence, intelligence, concentration abilities and team spirit. Playing an instrument and being part of a band is the best thing in the world!

The first lesson is always free!

Everybody from young to old is welcome to my lessons. If you are interested in learning how to play the drums, be in touch and we can start with a free lesson.

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