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What makes us different?

Up & Down beats is a one-of-kind, private drumming school in Helsinki, Finland. We concentrate purely on drumming and offer tailor made courses to suit individual student’s ambitions. Whether you simply wish to play for fun or if your goal is to become a rockstar, we’ve got you covered!

Our Values

Playing drums is fun! This is our first priority when you come to our lessons. Learning an instrument will naturally develop your self-confidence, intelligence, concentration abilities and team spirit. Playing an instrument and being part of a band is (in our opinion) one of the absolute best things in the world. 
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Our Mission

Our modern approach to teaching has its own curriculum. Giving you the right tools for your own musical journey and seeing you grow as drummer, learning new things in each lesson.

No matter if you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced student, we will guide you through the process of becoming a great drummer. 

Our Motivation

Making you the best player you can possible be!  Seeing you grow and accompany you on the way of learning this awesome instrument. We love to challenge ourselves with new methods, explaining to you the different ways of learning this instrument. 



With a 6 months contract:

  • 30 minutes once a week/monthly payment: 134,00€ (804,00€ / 6 months)

  • 45 minutes once a week/monthly payment: 201,00€ (1206,00€ / 6 months)


 “4pack”/ “10pack”

Single lesson options:



  • 4×30 minutes = 160,00€
  • 4×45 minutes = 240,00€



  • 10×30 minutes = 384,00€
  • 10×45 minutes = 576,00€


All prices incl. 24% VAT 

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